Telling the Truth About Content


If you just wanted to know what a book was about, you’d read the back cover. If you wanted a sales pitch, you’d read an advertisement or talk to a sales rep. That’s not why we’re here.

At Tattle we open up our world of content to you, and tell you what we really think about the books we’ve read. We ask authors real questions about their work. We talk to the audiobook industry’s best narrators to find out what it’s like to voice your favorite characters. We serve as reader’s advisors, drawing connections between different books and disparate authors. In everything we do, we report the truth about what we see coming out of the book industry. No plot synopses masquerading as reviews. No marketing buzz words. No sales pitches.

This is the genuine, passionate truth about books, written by readers for readers.

  • Erin Cosyn

    I’m the Content Acquisitions Manager for the Playaway Products Group, which means I spend all day talking to publishers and reviewing hundreds of upcoming titles each month, or what I call "an English major’s dream job." I earned my BA in Creative Writing from Ohio University (Bobcats, not Buckeyes) and my Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University. Before joining Findaway I spent 10 years in academic publishing, doing everything from editing, to author-wrangling, to book design. As a child I rode my bike to the library multiple times a day during the summer and during the school year my favorite days were the ones when the Scholastic book orders came in. These days my greatest joys are in watching my son’s first forays into letter recognition and "reading" to his baby sister. I am currently at work on my first novel, a process that is both the most agonizing and the most exciting thing I have ever done.

  • Marika Gofman

    I am Findaway’s Content Marketing Manager, a career that lets me build deep relationships with our publishing partners and an intimate relationship with our content catalog – this allows me to do what I love best - recommend books to everyone and anyone. I graduated from Ohio University with a BA in Journalism, minored in Linguistics and Creative Writing and can teach English as a Foreign Language. What I love most about my job? Being at the forefront of an industry. I am lucky enough to learn about books before they are officially released and I spend hours submerged in trends and news from the library, publishing, and book industries as well as learning about content in our own catalog. Through Tattle I’m going to share all of that insider information with you. I try to read or listen to at least one book a month. Audiobook memoirs narrated by the author hold a special place in my heart along with other literary and non-fiction titles. When I’m not reading? It’s all about family. I spend every chance I get with my husband and both of our families.

  • Colleen Tsironis

    Hello reader! I am Findaway's digital acquisitions specialist. I work with publishers to add their audiobook content to Findaway's digital platform, negotiating contracts and answering questions about metadata and audio specs. After college, I moved to NYC and fell in love with children’s book publishing. A life-long reader and English major, I still had no idea people actually earned their living making books. At my first job, I was stunned to receive my own copy of every single book Holiday House, Inc. published. Many of those books now line the shelves of my youngest son’s bookcase. The busy mom of 3 boys, ranging from kindergarten to high school freshman, my time outside of work is frequently spent at the ball field cheering on my boys. Time that is truly my own is best spent running, journaling, and reading books that make me feel deeply the many wonders of life. Before returning to work full-time, I finally voiced my deepest remaining wish—to be a published children’s book author. I’ve started a historical fiction project (most likely middle-grade or YA) based on my husband’s family’s experience during the Greek Civil War.