Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn’s third novel, was published in June 2012. I read it that fall, and then waited for my mom and sister to finish, so we could discuss the book and our reactions to it. By nature, I am a slow, before-bedtime reader, but not with this book. There was never a chance of falling asleep when I was in Nick and Amy’s twisted world.

Fast forward 2+ years, and Gone Girl is on the big screen. I love movies, but have trouble fitting many into my crazy-busy life. The Lego Movie was the last one I saw in the theater. So, using this blog post as an excuse, I saw Gone Girl last weekend. Just like the book, the movie was complicated, dark, and disturbing.

Yesterday I finished listening to Gone Girl. The unabridged, 19 hour and 19 minute audiobook was fantastic! For me, this was the very best way to experience this particular story. Even after reading the novel and seeing the movie, there were new details to discover as I listened. It is easy to get lost in an audio book. It’s definitely easier to multitask while listening.  I listened while walking my puppy in the rain. I listened while cleaning up the kitchen. I listened before work, when I should have been interacting with my 13-year-old. I listened in the orthodontist waiting room. I listened doing the down-and-dirty cleaning I try my best to avoid—scrubbing the tile floor and baseboards in our front hallway. I can honestly credit Gone Girl for a marginally cleaner home. I knew once the headphones came off I’d be answering homework questions and figuring out dinner. So I kept on scrubbing, to prolong my listening pleasure.

The audiobook production is outstanding. The AudioFile review says it best. Narrator Kirby Heyborne “creates a persona of passive detachment … Julia Whelan dishes up Amy’s diaries, beginning when Amy and Nick first met, with a tone of the doting and loving wife who lives to please. … The nuances heard in both Whelan’s and Heyborne’s narrations heighten the suspense and support the intricacies of the plot.” (J.E.M. © AudioFile 2012, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2012])

Here at Findaway World we know good audio when we hear it. Gone Girl is GREAT AUDIO. This book appeals to the mystery/suspense/thriller fan. Readers and listeners of literary fiction will find much to love in Gone Girl. Flynn’s writing is superb. Even if you’ve seen the movie or read the book, the audio is well worth your time.