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Author Interview, Mary Downing Hahn, Part 3

October 8, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

In Part 3 of my interview with Mary Downing Hahn, the acclaimed children’s author shares her thoughts on the process of writing and how publishing has changed in the more than three decades she’s been writing. If you missed them, get caught up with Part 1 and Part 2. On the Process of Writing and […]

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Author Interview: Mary Downing Hahn, Part 2

October 7, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

Enjoy Part 2 of my interview with acclaimed children’s author Mary Downing Hahn, in which I finally learned how my favorite childhood book, Wait Till Helen Comes, came to be. If you missed Part 1, On Childhood and Libraries, you can read it here.

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Author Interview: Mary Downing Hahn, Part 1

October 6, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

If you didn’t catch my story about reconnecting with my old library’s copy of Wait Till Helen Comes in preparation for interviewing my favorite childhood author, Mary Downing Hahn, you can read it here. I had the privilege of meeting Hahn at her home in Columbia, Maryland, where we talked for two hours and I could have easily listened to her for two more. With a sharp sense of humor, the 76-year-old Hahn quickly made me feel at ease, and we laughed often. She indulged my many questions and I have done my best to condense our lengthy conversation into digestible pieces for you here. Please enjoy all three parts, On Childhood and Libraries, On Writing Wait Till Helen Comes,and On the Process of Writing and Publishing.

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Author and Narrator Dual Interview: Rainbow Rowell & Rebecca Lowman

July 14, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

After hearing Rainbow Rowell’s hilarious speech at the APA librarians’ dinner at PLA in March and listening to Rebecca Lowman’s spot-on performance of Landline, I knew I had to talk to both of them together. They were kind enough to oblige me and the conversation was fun, flowing, and funny, and it was a pleasure to hear the clear mutual respect and admiration between Rowell and Lowman for each other’s craft. Read on for gruff Midwestern men, Rowell’s thoughts on marriage as codependence, and Lowman’s thoughts on Rowell’s writing style.

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Author Interview: Rufi Thorpe

May 22, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

Last week we reviewed The Girls from Corona del Mar and Shotgun Lovesongs. This week we have interviews from both of these debut novelists. Read on for Rufi Thorpe’s thoughts on female friendship, young motherhood, and Western medicine. If you missed our interview with Shotgun Lovesongs author Nickolas Butler, check it out here for his thoughts on some of these same questions, plus Midwestern modesty and why (or if) the Midwest gets short shrift in fiction.

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Author Interview: Nickolas Butler

May 20, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

Last week we posted a review of Nickolas Butler’s Shotgun Lovesongs and Rufi Thorpe’s The Girls from Corona del Mar, two debut novels that explore the complexities of childhood friendships in adulthood. This week, we have interviews from both Butler and Thorpe, in which we asked each of them questions related to both works, as well as questions specific only to their title. Enjoy the interview with Nickolas Butler today and come back later this week for our conversation with Rufi Thorpe.

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Author Interview: Ishmael Beah

April 25, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

Earlier this week, I reviewed Ishmael Beah’s new novel Radiance of Tomorrow. Cuyahoga County Public Library invited Beah to be the inaugural speaker for the new auditorium in their remodeled Parma branch, and I was fortunate enough to have a chance to spend a few minutes with him prior to his lecture. He is soft-spoken and poised, with a gentleness to him that makes it hard to imagine him raising his voice. He has an easy, infectious smile, and he is generous with sharing his thoughts.

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