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Audiobook News

The APA has released their annual survey. All in all, continued strong growth in audio, in both units and dollars year over year. In 2014, unit sales were also up 19.5%, nearly five times the increase of the overall book trade industry.

Amazon’s Audible enters the Japanese audiobook market.

Find out how audiobooks are a great tool to help offset summer slide.

A great article on why audiobooks are great for kids. “The audiobooks you’ll find at your library add dimension to the reading experience — and have unexpected benefits for young readers. Research shows that kids who regularly listen to audiobooks have improved comprehension, greater reading speed and accuracy, better vocabulary and pronunciation, and increased motivation.”

Read these 20 compelling reasons to listen to an audiobook now!

Buzzfeed featured a list of audiobooks that they believe everyone needs to listen to at least once!


Library News

Read on to find out why both ebooks AND print are important for libraries to have in their collection.

A great read on the significance of libraries and librarians in a digital-driven world.

A 2011 study using data from the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that “…states that gained librarians from 2004–2005 to 2008–2009—such as New Jersey, Tennessee, and Wyoming—showed significantly greater improvements in fourth grade reading scores than states that lost librarians, like Arizona, Massachusetts, and Michigan.”

On June 29, 2015 Ebook and audiobook lending saw a daily record at libraries and schools with a new single-day milestone of 500,535 digital titles borrowed.


Publishing News

So much controversy and discussion around Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. From historic first day sales to op-ed pieces and other articles, catch up on all the buzz now!

Check out the most anticipated books (including the golden months of publishing – fall!) for the second half of this year.


Technology / Digital News

We announced several months ago that we are growing our Playaway products suite to include Playaway Launchpad – the first-ever all-in-one tablet. We LOVE this Washington Post article on Playaway Launchpad that highlights how we’ve curated content. You can also hear from some of our library partners on why they’ve chosen to adopt Playaway Launchpad, including Boonslick Regional Library. We love that Launchpad made Marion County’s local news! Watch this TV news segment featuring Marion County Public Library.


Book News

I took the liberty of creating an additional news category this month, because I love this story oh-so-much! A 12-year-old boy, Mathew, couldn’t afford to buy books, and couldn’t afford a bus pass to go to the library, so he asked his mailman to give him extra junk mail to read. The mailman let his friends know about this story via social media and then the story went viral. People from around the world started sending books to Mathew and now he has a collection of over 100 books!