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The Literate Housewife

Jennifer, the editor and blogger at The Literate Housewife won the APA’s Audiobook Blogger of the Year. Check out her audiobook interviews, reviews and more!


Audiobook News

June is Audiobook month! Celebrate all month long by listening and sharing your favorite audiobooks with us!

Check out the Audie Award Winners! For those not familiar, this is one of the most distinguished awards given in audio – for narrators and authors in various categories.

Check out this inside look at producing a dramatized Louis L’Amour audiobook.


Library News

Ebooks continue to struggle with finding their place in the library world – primary issues include: sustainability, reaching underserved communities, and improving user experience.

With the help of Smashwords for ebooks, Audible’s ACX as well as other self-publishing platforms, indie, self-published authors are able to create content faster. LA Public Library is now also offering a self-publishing service. Authors can submit unpublished books to the LA Public Library for possible inclusion. Library Journal sorts through the submissions and picks the ones that are approved for ebook creation.


Publishing News

HUGE publishing news: New Fifty Shades of Grey book to be released June 18! Grey will be written from the perspective of Christian Grey. In a matter of hours, pre-orders pushed Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian, to the top of the Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestseller lists.

Check out the most buzzed-about books at BEA!

Beginning June 25, Jason Sperling will publish Look at Me When I’m Talking to You on Instagram—one illustrated page a day for 160 days at @lookatmebook. The idea is to reach people where they already consume media, rather than force them into a different pattern of behavior.

Penguin Random House has said to be in talks with Amazon to renegotiate terms.


Technology / Digital News

Lots of discussion around the future of subscription models at APAC, IDPF and BEA. At the IDPF panel, Smashword’s Mark Coker pointed out that it is critical that “readers are getting enough value to continue subscribing; publishers are making enough money to justify their involvement; and, of course, the subscription service itself is financially viable.”

HarperCollins recently announced a partnership to try mobile marketing with Shazam, in an effort to expand their readership base.

HarperCollins adds ebooks to Actively Learn, a digital content platform for K-12 students.


Literacy News

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of children who read every day. Findings from National Literacy Trust’s fifth annual survey of 32,000 children and young people aged between eight and 18 show that enjoyment of reading and frequency of reading are both at their highest levels for nine years.