Industry News Highlights

I absolutely love seeing audiobooks being promoted, especially by experts and trusted voices in the industry. Our friends at Macmillan Audio just unveiled Unabridged Access—their audio blog where they will take readers into the studio with narrators, share industry insights and share audiobook recommendations.


Library News

BIG library news—Overdrive was bought for $410 MILLION (!!) by Rakuten. Yes, that’s 16 times Overdrive’s annual earnings of $25 million. Rakutan has also, most notably, acquired Kobo—a huge international ebook seller. Really curious to see where this acquisition takes them and how / if they can shake up the lending book world.

Library Journal’s annual materials survey of U.S. public libraries nationwide report that their materials budgets are up 3%—this is the best budget since the economic recession. We love seeing that 94% of public library survey participants offer downloadable audio and that circulation is on the rise.

Library Journal’s 2015 Movers and Shakers list has been announced! For those unfamiliar, the tagline of this program is “The people that are shaping the future of libraries.” Movers and shakers drive change in libraries, technology, with literacy, and so much more.

No matter how many ghost writers Patterson has on staff, at the end of the day, he has been a huge supporter of literacy and fostering a love of reading at a young age. Most recently, Patterson has donated $1.25 million to school libraries. Additionally, our friends at Scholastic will match each dollar donated with bonus points, which teachers can use toward books and materials for the classroom.

Here at Findaway we love libraries and are passionate about providing equal access to content. So, we’re SUPER EXCITED to announce Playaway Launchpad—the first-ever secure, pre-loaded children’s learning tablet designed specifically for circulation. The newest addition to the Playaway Pre-Loaded Products portfolio, Launchpad delivers high-quality, ad-free learning apps. Go to your local library and ask to check some out!


Publishing News

An unfinished manuscript left after Stieg Larsson’s death in 2004, was completed by Swedish journalist and author David Lagercrantz. A sequel to Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy?! Need I say any more?

With Audible’s ACX offering a self-publishing platform for the audio format, we’ve seen growth in the self-publishing industry. Read these insights on self-publishing for audiobooks—from the process of creating an audiobook to companies that offer this service.


Audiobook News

NPR talks to our friends over at AudioFile (a great publication—check it out if you have not yet) and Audible about the growth and power of audiobooks.

Audiobooks are perfect for the on-the-go multitasker. Especially for the super-active, audiobooks are seriously motivating—check out audiobooks paired with different types of exercise.

One mom’s adventure of introducing audiobooks to her daughter at a young age. She lists out a handful of tips and tricks to get your toddlers listening early!

One woman’s discovery of audiobooks helped to reinvigorate her love of reading and allowed her to read more. She also shares how narrators are great storytellers (and why not just anyone can be a narrator), the literacy benefits audio offers and more. Also, a fun tidbit: in the 1930s, the Library of Congress created “talking books” for the blind. By the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs were funding audiobooks that were staples of library and classroom collections.


Technology News

At ALA, the Library Information Technology Association gathered to discuss Top Technology Trends, topics covered included: coding classes for girls and the growing infrastructure demands of open access publishing. There is still some work that needs to be done in terms of equal access for patrons at all libraries, but nonetheless, a good overview.

The Book Industry Study Group is conducting interviews to find out how patrons use digital content. We know there is a need for better discoverability and management of young adult and children’s content. Librarians, talk with patrons and share your feedback—your voice matters!