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Book Review: The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon

April 24, 2015Colleen Tsironis 0

One of my fondest memories as a mom is sitting on the ground, with a boy in my lap, reading through an endless supply of board books.  Before they could speak, my kids would toddle over, book in hand, and just start backing up into my lap. There was always time for another story or six. Bedtime […]

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Judging the Audies – Round 1

January 20, 2015Erin Cosyn 2

I’m thrilled to be participating as an Audies judge this year. The “Oscars of audiobooks,” the Audie Awards are bestowed annually by the Audio Publishers Association for outstanding audiobooks in more than 30 categories. Here’s the inside scoop on the numbers, the process, and the experience.

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Book Review: What I Know For Sure

January 13, 2015Colleen Tsironis 1

What I Know For Sure, by Oprah Winfrey, is a must-listen. This is a book to enjoy today and revisit every few years. That’s my plan. Readers of O, The Oprah Magazine, will recognize the title—each issue ends with Oprah’s column, aptly named “What I Know For Sure.” I came to this book as a listener first. […]

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Best of 2014: Narration

January 2, 2015Marika Gofman 0

Something that has always drawn me to the audio format is the intimacy of storytelling. Whether an author is sharing their own personal memories or a narrator takes on the persona of someone else, there is nothing quite like listening to someone share their story with you. These are some of our favorite books that […]

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Best of 2014: Non-Fiction

December 30, 2014Marika Gofman 0

Whether you are a first time audiobook listener or an avid reader, you definitely don’t want to miss out on these great non-fiction reads! Though categories like science, politics & current affairs and history tend to be overlooked, this year brought so many titles to readers, including books that inspired deeper thinking to easy-to-read memoirs […]

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Best of 2014: Kids & Teens

December 26, 2014Marika Gofman 0

I was so thrilled to see more contemporary teen and kids fiction than in years’ past. There’s nothing I love more than books that talk about real and relevant issues through relatable characters. Another trend we saw in publishing is adult books being adapted for a younger audience. We loved the variety of options – […]

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Best of 2014: Fiction

December 23, 2014Marika Gofman 0

2014 was an amazing year for publishing! Every year the quality of books and narration becomes increasingly better – it’s so difficult to choose my favorites in audio from this past year, but this is my attempt to do so. These are some of our favorites in general fiction, mystery and sci-fi and fantasy. What […]

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Audiobooks and Multitasking

July 29, 2014Marika Gofman 0

For those of us who like to think we are avid readers, yet barely find enough time in each day to eat, sleep, and work, the thought of reading for pleasure is hardly achievable. The perfect solution for checking books off your “To-Be-Read” list is listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks are the perfect addition for the super busy person who lives and breathes by multi-tasking.

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Narrator Interview: Karen White

July 22, 2014Erin Cosyn 0

One of the best things about the audiobook industry is the narrators and I don’t just mean for the obvious reasons. When I was at Book Expo America in May, I was privileged to spend some time in the community of audiobook narrators, and I do mean community. This is a group of people who support each other, and build each other up, and offer advice, and everyone I met was so committed and passionate about what they do. Karen White was no exception.

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